Good Business Tips – Energy

On average an office can waste up to £6,000 a year!
  • Keep track of your bills to see what you are using. It’s easy to do and will help you see the impact of the changes you introduce by putting into place good energy-saving tips.
  • Switch off equipment when you’re not using it. Turn off the copier and monitors when staff leave, switch off lights when not in use, maybe timers would help.
  • Set printers and copiers to print both sides.
  • Fit energy efficient lightbulbs. These cost more, but last up to 18 times longer than ordinary bulbs and use around 80% less power.
  • Buy ‘A-Rated’ products.
  • If your boiler needs replacing, fit a modern and more efficient condensing model, which could slash annual bills by a fifth. Now, turn down the thermostat by one degree centigrade and you should save £30 a year.