Global Warming

What’s global warming or climate change all about?

At last the subject of global warming is now being taken more seriously. For many years Independent Insurance Services have been focused on this and continues to work hard making businesses and individuals aware of its implications.

Generally global warming is caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), being the biggest contributor and other pollutants in the atmosphere. These trap heat by forming a blanket around the earth, rather like the glass of a greenhouse for many years and the planet’s temperature rises.

When we work, travel, heat our homes, wash our clothes, go on holiday, etc. it all affects global warming.

Whilst the impacts are hard to predict, trends are evident, freak weather conditions, higher temperatures, glaciers melting, rising sea levels and flooding occur. However, we can help prevent it, just take on board some of our tips and you can make a significant contribution by minimising your carbon footprint and who knows, you may even save a few pounds.